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After the trip

  • On the way home
  1. Text the club emergency contact to let him/her know you’re out safely.
  2. Remind punters to dry out gear, especially flys, and to return gear the following Wednesday. Prompt return is important for the gear to be available for trips the next weekend.
  3. Fill up the van with diesel before it’s returned to the parking spot. Remember to bring back the keys on the following Wednesday to the gear room.
  • Encourage one of your party to write a trip report for the club newsletter. This can be short and light-hearted. Email the report to the newsletter editor
  • Trip presentation. It is always fun on a Wednesday night club meeting to see and hear where recent trips have been. If you would like to give a presentation about your trip please contact the club social convenor.
  • Respond to the email from the club statistics person about your punter numbers etc.
  • Let the chief guide know about any problems, whether in relation to the route or the punters.
  • You might like to ask some of your group for feedback on your leadership and the trip. It’s a great chance to improve your skills.

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