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Alpine mountaineering

For alpine mountaineering and tramping, the club offers:

Alpine mountaineering.

  1. Relatively straight forward trans-alpine tramps involving tops travel in the North and South Islands
  2. Mountaineering trips featuring specific climbing objectives that range from the straight forward (no ropes required), to the technically difficult
  3. Instruction courses (snowcraft) to enable members to learn new skills and come on alpine trips.

Types of alpine trips

The club runs three types of alpine trips:

  • ALP1 requires skills equivalent to snowcraft level (ability to use ice axe and crampons);
  • ALP2 requires skills equivalent to an AIC course level (ability to use ice axe, crampons and ropes);
  • ALP3 requires ALP2 skills plus significant alpine experience and confidence.

Most alpine mountaineering trips are graded Medium or Fit.

To join an alpine trip

All alpine trips being run are listed on the alpine trip schedule.

To sign up for an alpine trip follow the steps on the 'sign up for a trip' page.

Safety comes first

As is the nature of alpine trips, climbing objectives can, and often do, change due to weather and snow conditions. Sometimes your trip leader will cancel the trip. Safety comes first.

Email Alpine mountaineering if you'd like further information on Alpine mountaineering.

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