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Example of a trip plan

Hi everyone

Here's the trip plan for our three-day MF Mt Richmond/Old Man tramp.


Be at the Interislander ferry terminal at 5.30pm on Thursday 23rd. Either bring dinner or some $ to buy on ferry. We have a hire car to pick up in Picton and the drive to the road end is about 1.5 hours.

We are coming back on the Interislander 6.05pm sailing on Sunday, which gets in about 9.15pm; you’ll need $ to buy Sunday dinner in Picton or on the ferry.


Please bring topomap 028 Wairau

We’ll fly camp near the Top Valley road end on Thursday night.

On Friday, we'll head up to Richmond Saddle hut, then do a side trip to Mt Richmond in the afternoon.

On Saturday, we'll head across the tops to Old Man hut. This could prove a long day, with some navigation and exposure involved – probably 8-10 hours

On Sunday, we’ll head back to the Top Valley road end.

If the weather is bad, we’ll do some variation on Richmond Saddle hut/ Mt Fell hut.

Hut tickets:

You will need 1 ticket for each hut – you can purchase tickets from club gear room or DoC, or bring an annual hut pass.


Please make sure you have appropriate storm gear including overtrousers, at least a 2L water bottle, and ground sheet and thermarest/sleeping mat. We will definitely be fly camping on Friday night and it’s always possible the other nights. If you’re unsure about gear, check out the WTMC gearlist:

It might be useful to bring candles and/or fire lighters given the short daylight hours at the moment.


Please have enough water with you on Friday night to cover Saturday breakfast and the first couple of hours tramping. There is no water at the roadend.

Party gear:

Pick up club gear this Wednesday night between 7:00 and 7:30pm.

Small club fly and pegs: Dirk

Small club fly and pegs: Illona

Club first aid kit and club billy: Brian

Cooker and fuel: Amanda


Bring 3xbreakfasts, 3xlunches, plenty of snacks and hot drinks for yourself.

Dinner Saturday: tomato/bacon pasta

Dinner Sunday: chorizo couscous

Party food:


Friday dinner

Saturday dinner


150g tub tomato paste, 1 packet tomato soup mix, 3 red peppers

1 packet of chorizo (3 sausages), 4 courgettes, brie (about 125g size)


200g bacon, 4 carrots, large packet of bagel crisps

400g couscous


400g penne pasta, 1 onion

1 head broccoli, 2 red peppers


oil, garlic, herbs/spices, 100g parmigiano, dried fruit and chocolate

80g sultanas, 80g dried apricots, 1t stock+1t paprika, 1 T honey + 1 T soyasauce, biscotti

Usual reminders:

WTMC has a no alcohol/no drugs policy. Please let me know if you've got any medical conditions and make sure you have spare medication with you.

Any queries about this plan, give me a call (021 xxxxxxx).

Should be a great trip, I'm looking forward to it.


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