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Where does your membership fee go?

We make membership subs work hard!  If pay membership subs or you pay a non-member surcharge on a club tramping trip, then here’s where that money goes, broken down into the different costs that we incur. 

These are the averaged figures for the last three years.

Fees Pie Chart

Journal 30% - This goes on the beautiful coffee table book that you receive at the end of each year.

FMC subscription 18% - the Federated Mountain Clubs promote and lobby on behalf of all New Zealanders involved in the outdoors, and make sure there will still be places to tramp and enjoy wilderness areas in the years to come.  They also provide members with a quarterly FMC bulletin, and your FMC discount card.

Postage, printing, stationery 14% - This is for posting out the journal, FMC bulletins, trip schedules and so on.  This cost has halved over the last 3 years, simply because we do more on the web and less in the post.

Gear and Training 13% - This is the money we spend on insuring and repairing our club gear, as well as building up a nest egg to buy new gear as the old stuff wears out.  It’s also the money we use to help out members get trained in areas like outdoor first aid, leadership and alpine skills to make our trips safer.

Clubrooms 10% - your $2 at the door only pays for half the clubroom rental.  We take the other half out of your subs to cover gear storage and various other uses like snowcraft briefings, trip planning nights and committee meetings.

Paua Hut & DOC 5% - Maintenance and lease costs for Paua Hut, as well as other leases and fees we pay to DOC for the things we do.

Newsletter 5% - The cost of printing the paper newsletter.  This cost’s also dropped markedly over the years, as more people opt for the electronic version of the newsletter.

Promotions and Donations 4% - Covers advertising, fliers, and so on for events like our New Members’ Nights.  It also includes donations we make to other organisations; for instance, last year we gave a substantial sum to the Life Flight Trust.  Pray you don’t have to collect on that donation, but they’ll be there if you need them.

Sundry 1% - This covers bank fees and a few other miscellaneous expenses.

One thing you don’t see on the breakdown above is costs for the club vans, the club Lodge and the Wednesday night meetings.  These are each expected to be self funding from trip fees, accommodation charges and the $2 at the door respectively, so your subs don’t go directly on these things.

If you’re a non-member and you come on a club trip, the extra cost above the member rate is also used to pay for the costs outlined above.

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