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Fitness and grades

We offer a broad range of different trips to cater for all levels. Each trip is graded to give you an idea of what to expect.

GradeTerrainPaceRestsWalking hours per day
EasyTracksLeisurelyFrequent4 – 5 hours
Easy / MediumTracks and some routesSteadyRegular5 – 6 hours
MediumTracks and routesSteadyRegular6 – 8 hours
Medium / FitTracks and routesQuickerRegular8 – 10 hours
FitTracks and routesQuickSome7 – 11 hours
Fitness essentialAll terrainExtremely quickSome9 – 12 hours


Alpine trip grades

  • ALP1 requires skills equivalent to snowcraft level (ability to use ice axe and crampons);
  • ALP2 requires skills equivalent to an AIC course level (ability to use ice axe, crampons and ropes);
  • ALP3 requires ALP2 skills plus significant alpine experience and confidence.

All alpine trips are require medium level tramping fitness or above.

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