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The club journal, a coffee table publication, is published once a year. It contains stories about those particularly special trips, accompanied by outstanding photographs.

If you'd like a copy of the latest journal, please contact the club secretary.

Older journals are found online on our newsletter archive for your reading pleasure.

Get writing!

There will be a new club journal coming your way at the end of the year, but only if the editor has something to put in a presently blank document.

So if you were on one of those trips that was a little bit special, how about putting together a story for publication.  You don’t need to be a J K Rowling or an Ernest Hemmingway – after all there is an editor to help you if needed.

Stories ...

  • can be about any club related activity: tramping, climbing, mtb’ing, kayaking, botany  etc
  • should be about 1,200 to 2,500 words and
  • need to have some high resolution photos for illustrations.

The journal can only be as good as the contributions, so please get writing.

Stories will be accepted up to 1 November.  However, please don’t overload the poor editor at the last minute. Send your contribution to the newsletter editor or directly to the journal editor, via email, snail mail, on disc, USB stick or semaphore.

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