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Membership types and costs

We offer a range of membership types to suit you, your partner and family, depending on your circumstances.

Joining on your own

  • Adult membership for an individual is $67 per annum (just over $5.50 per month)

With your partner and family

  • A Household membership for $105 per annum (just over $8.50 per month) gives full membership rights to you, your partner and any children under 18 living with you.

Current Members

Annual memberships are due 1 Feb each year. There is a prompt payment discount of $6 or $4 depending on the membership type.




AdultIndividual member who is 18 or over$67
Household1-2 adults and all children under 18 who live in the same household$105
JuniorIndividual member who is under 18 (for instance, a teenager whose parents are not members)$43
VeteranA member for over 20 years$57
Veteran Household1 or 2 adults (one of whom must be a Veteran member) and all children under 18 who live in the same household$85
Friend of the club

Members who are not currently active in the club but want to continue their connection.

You no longer have access to member benefits, but you stay on our mailing list and receive our Journal every year; and you not have to re-apply when you want to rejoin as a full member.

Life MemberA select few of our members are elected Life Members to acknowledge outstanding service to WTMC$0

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