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    Rodrigo Orquera

    Hi! Coming back from the Lodge past Sunday night my car got broken into, damaged and bunch of stuff stolen on our dinner stop… sad but Sumudu and I insurance’s are taking care of everything; not so lucky is Yenfei who is relatively new to the country and hadn’t sort out contents insurance yet :'(

    Sadly she lost most and expensive bits of her tramping gear… she has been quite an active member of the club this past year and loves the challenges, went from E to M, completed snowcraft and now happily tackling Alp1 in no time! hence I’m sure many of us made friends with her or been on trips together, would hate stop seeing her out there.

    Here is the list from the police report: stolen-items-CYF.pdf

    I was thinking we can help her to be back on the tracks soon by offering spare gear we don’t use; my ski pants, gloves and sleeping bag turned out quite big and heavy for the job but its a start (unless someone has smaller sizes available?) anyhow if you want to help out hit me up using the web contact form addressing the Webmaster, or contact her directly if you know how 🙂

    Thanks in advance!


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    Thanks for posting Rodrigo.

    Ski pants and iPhone charger cable have been sorted out. Let’s see if other people have spare tramping gear that’s no longer used.


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    :’) It’s embarrassing but.. Thank you Rodrigo & Sumudu for sharing my unfortunate predicament here and very kind of them to offer me some gears. In fact they too lost some gears and had to take time off to get things fixed 🙁 Even though it was heart breaking to lose most of my newly invested tramping gears, some sentimental and electronic stuffs, I am blessed to have caring friends who are like family to me here in the club. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the club president, Tony and members of the committee for stepping up to help me, offering used gears and also financial assistance to replace most of my lost gears. I’m grateful that I could get back out tramping much sooner than I thought! Looking forward to check off more trips on my list since I have replaced my lost WTMC trip schedule sheet =P. so much warmth, xoxo yf.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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