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Paua Hut

Paua HutPaua Hut Interior

Paua Hut is available for private bookings by members and non-members.


Paua Hut is located in the Rimutaka State Forest Park (also known as the Orongorongas), approximately 2 hours easy walk from the Rimutaka Forest Park car park along wide easy tracks and about 700m of river walking.  The car park is approximately 45 minutes drive from Wellington. (Lat, Lng -41.3488, 174.9653) (Grid BQ32 644 207)

The Rimutaka Trust website has more information on the park location and how to get there.  Paua Hut is also on - so you'll get a reasonable idea where it is.

To get to Rimutaka Forest Park, follow the instructions on the Rimutaka Trust website and park in the Catchpool car park.

From Turere Bridge (approximately a 1.5-2 hour walk from the Catchpool car park along well defined tracks), head downsstream about 700m.

You'll need to cross the river a few times.  From the river, the landmark to look for is a big, cliff-like clay bank on the left (and true left) of the river.  The river swings right so you see the cliff facing you as you walk downstream. 

Paua Hut is tucked into the bush behind and on top of this cliff. 

A 4wd track leaves the river, crosses a reasonably big side-creek on the left (another landmark) and heads up onto the bank, and goes right past Paua Hut.  So follow it up the bank.  (In other words, if you stick to the 4wd track - it mostly follows the river, but you'll be able to follow the compacted gravel wheel tracks - you more or less can't go wrong).

Also, on the other side of the river, Brown's track heads up the hill - you'll see a big orange triangle marking it (hard to pick but if you look for it you'll see it.

What you will find in the hut

  • Gas cooker
  • Pots & pans
  • Cups, plates & cutlery
  • Table & chairs
  • Sleeping mattresses for up to 10 people
  • Wood burner
  • Long drop
  • There is also some room around the hut for camping

Paua Hut Interior

How to book the hut

To find out availability of Paua Hut and to book it email the Paua Hut booking officer.  Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be told where and when to collect the key to the hut.  Booking is essential.


For one night’s stay:

  • Non-members: Adults $7.00, Children $3.50
  • Members: $ free

How to pay

The easiest way to pay is by depositing your money in the WTMC Club bank account

Use 'Your Name - Paua - Tripdate' as the banking reference, and let the booking officer know when you have paid and how much.

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