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What to do at the lodge

Winter activities

  • Ski
  • Snow board
  • Ski / snowboard touring
  • Bum slide
  • Mountaineering
  • Snow caving
  • Day walks
  • Alpine tramping
  • Photography
  • Geology appreciation

Summer activities

  • Mountain biking
  • Day walks
  • Crater lake climbs
  • White water rafting
  • Tramping
  • Trail running

Nearby activities

The lodge is run by those staying

There is a lodge leader appointed for each stay. We ask that you follow their instructions.

If you are staying at the lodge we ask that you do your bit to help out with its running:

  • Help out with the preparation of all meals
  • Give 30 mins of your time to clean it before you leave.  A duties roster will be organised for your stay, asking you to look after a particular part of the lodge.

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