Earlier published WTMC publications and documents can be accessed below:


Each year, club members receive an impressive coffee-table style journal with the best photos and articles of the year. We will make older journals available here for your reading pleasure.  These files are quite large – 15MB or more – so you’re best downloading them and reading them offline.

pdf icon2015-journal.pdf
pdf icon2014-journal.pdf
pdf icon2013-journal.pdf
pdf icon2012-journal.pdf
pdf icon2011-journal.pdf


We have published a newsletter of news, interviews, articles, trip reports and committee columns since the late 1970s. From July 2009 we began putting pdf copies of the newsletter on our website, then in 2014 we switched from a monthly format to the blog-based newsletter you’re reading now.


pdf icon2013-12-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-11-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-10-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-09-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-08-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-07-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-06-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-05-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-04-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-03-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2013-02-newsletter.pdf


pdf icon2012-12-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-11-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-10-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-09-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-08-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-07-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-06-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-05-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-04-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-03-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-02-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2012-01-newsletter.pdf


pdf icon2011-11-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-10-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-09-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-08-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-07-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-06-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-05-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-04-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-03-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2011-02-newsletter.pdf


pdf icon2010-12-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-11-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-10-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-09-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-08-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-07-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-05-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-04-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-03-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2010-02-newsletter.pdf

… and Earlier

pdf icon2009-12-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2009-11-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2009-10-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2009-08-newsletter.pdf
pdf icon2009-07-newsletter.pdf

pdf icon2003-04-newsletter.pdf

FMC Bulletins

The Federated Mountain Clubs publish their most recent quarterly Bulletins on their website, as well as maintaining an archive of FMC Bulletins from 1957 onwards.

WTMC Website

The Internet Archive has captured the changing face of our club website, all the way back to 2000 when it won awards.

Annual Reports

Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting Minutes

Lodge Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes

Trip Schedules