Mountain biking in the Tararuas

 DOC was recently approached by a group of community representatives, who are keen to see mountain biking options in the Tararua Forest Park. There are currently very limited opportunities for recreational mountain bikers to enjoy the Tararuas, unlike most other DOC managed areas throughout the country. DOC has proposed to allow mountain bikers access to … Read more

A Bonnie Wee Walk Abune Matthew’s Brae

What you need to ken… There was a Scotsman, an English Lass and a Kiwi – probably the only time in history that a Burn’s supper celebration has had such a composition! For those of you who are not familiar with the traditions of Burn’s celebrations, I’ll give you a rundown. The 25th January is … Read more

To Peel or not to Peel

After many years of vigorously peeling any carrot that came within a co-eee of my cooking pot, I have recently found there is a strong movement of people who believe in a skin-on approach to culinary carrots. I therefore now feel more confident in writing this newsletter article about the lack of peel in our … Read more