Mangatoetoe Hut – November 2011

For Joanne, Debbie, Catherine and Paul, this was the first trip to the Mangatoetoe Hut in the Aorangi (Haurangi) Forest Park. The tramp was led by our illustrious leader Ray who had visited the hut once before. The tramp from the road end to the hut was relatively flat, and consisted of many river crossings, … Read more

Never, never get out of control. A great day on Ngauruhoe – November 2011

Firstly, for those who know me, let me state that this trip actually started and was completed on Plan A!  Yes, I managed to actually lead a trip that not only went someplace but was successfully completed on the intended plan and I didn’t lose any punters along the way.  You can check with my … Read more

R&R in the Seaward Kaikouras – November 2011

It’s Thursday night and I’m tired.  My bed is the back seat of the Club van parked at the George Stream road end. Not a bad option if you are short in stature, short on time and good at sleeping. Friday night and my bed is half a minaret pitched on a grassy flat about … Read more

Covert Ops Black Tie Lunch at the Waihohonu Hilton – November 2011

Friday night, 5.30pm, Wellington Railway Station. Perfect. We have infiltrated a party of climbers heading for “The Lodge”. This lodge will be a perfect base for our weekend operation. We hope this lodge will prove as comfortable as it sounds, even if it  traffic reports indicate we might be in for a long drive. Friday … Read more