Track Talk – July 2011

Sometimes trips aren’t as tough as you anticipate. In late May, I made my third attempt on the Maungahuka circuit. This involves going from Holdsworth Road end over Holdsworth Peak and Isabelle, down to Mid Waiohine Hut, up that punishing climb to Aokapanui, along to Maungahuka, down past Concertina Knob to Neill Forks Hut, up … Read more

The Nature of Things – July 2011

The committee was so busy we forgot to meet this month. There is a great deal going on administration wise and out in the field. The highlights are recorded in this newsletter. Thanks to everyone who has obliged us by writing trip reports. I’m sure I’m not the only person who looks forward to reading … Read more

The Nature of Things – June 2011

Last month I said I’d be reporting back on any special projects to be undertaken this financial year. At this stage we are putting a bit of extra energy into three areas: Membership acquisition Lifting usage of the club Lodge Improving the club website These three areas are interrelated. Ideally we want to replace departing … Read more

Track Talk – June 2011

My trusty MSR cooker must have boiled thousands of litres. A brush with immolation in 2006 meant it sported a slightly melted pump handle but I viewed this as a useful theft deterrent rather than a disability. Annual servicing maintained its reliability, as well as giving me the ability to reassemble its impressive array of … Read more

Track Talk – May 2011

Enclosed with this newsletter is the Winter trip schedule, which runs from May to the end of August. Thanks heaps to everyone who has offered to lead a trip, and also to those who have suggested road ends and come along to the planning night. And thanks to Richard Lardner who has stepped into the … Read more

Track Talk (April 2011)

As I write, we’re working on the winter trip schedule, with a planning meeting held at club last week. I’d like to thank the dozen people who turned up to enjoy some pizza and develop trips for each roadend. Using this kind of collaborative process is a great way to make sure that the schedule … Read more

Track Talk – March 2011

One great thing about Jonathon Kennett’s recently published Adventure Guide to the Tararuas is that it makes you see your favourite (or at least closest) mountains in a new light. As well as suggestions for tops epics, there are significant chapters on gorge and tubing trips, along with mountain running possibilities. One tramp that he … Read more

Track Talk – February 2011

It’s the height of summer (insert joke about Wellington weather here) and tramping’s prime time. While you feel almost obligated to do a big trip over Christmas, it’s an open secret that festive weather can best be described as “mixed”. Those of us down south over New Year (and at times it seemed like nearly … Read more

Track Talk – December 2010

with Amanda Wells – Chief Guide After a tough winter it seems like summer is finally here, though in Wellington we tend never to count chickens prematurely. It’s a strange switch from battling ice and hypothermia to being mindful of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Hopefully you’re planning an active summer in the hills. Included with … Read more