New Trampers’ Night – Thanks for helping!

Thanks heaps to everyone who came and helped with New Trampers’ Night last Wednesday (29 Oct) – those of you who cajoled and charmed your friends and workmates into heading down, and those of you who smiled and chatted and stayed friendly and answered all sorts of questions. You did great! Special thanks to Beccy for … Read more

Ruapehu Rumblings – September 2014

The snow season keeps going strong! It’s definitely ski-in-your-t-shirt spring conditions when it’s sunny, but a great set of storms blew in last week and we’ve just had another foot or three of powder to top off a pretty good base. It’s looking like great conditions right til Labour weekend now. September School Holidays The lodge is … Read more

Attracting and Retaining Members – some more changes to trip fees and membership – August 2014

Thanks a lot for your contributions and ideas to the membership categories ideas – those of you that talked to committee members, emailed us, and posted comments.  It was really appreciated and has helped us a great deal to firm up the categories proposal. Membership Categories – thanks for your feedback We received many comments … Read more

Ruapehu Rumblings – July 2014

The ski season is in full swing now and the snow on the T-bars in particular looks gorgeous. Ray Morgan’s driven the WTMC van up and down from Wellington a couple of times already and it’s been working well – we’ve had vans full of happy skiers, boarders, mountaineers and trampers. The next van weekends … Read more

Ruapehu Lodge Report – June 2014

We’re running WTMC vans to the lodge this year! The first weekend is 19/20 July and it will be popular so get in quck. Accommodation-wise there’s at least a few bunks free on all winter weekends – for now. We’re running a Club Week on 10-15 August, and on 21-26 September too if there’s demand, so we’d love to see you there. For full details read on.