The Southern Brevet (Part 2 – Queenstown to Tekapo)

Continued from Part 1… Queenstown to Nevis At 7am, the air is cool and clouds gather about the peaks as our water taxi rips across the dull lake. Walter’s Peak Station is silent as we head for the glacial landscape of the Von. It’s long and flat; Julie’s tyre relieves the boredom by loudly disembowelling … Read more

The Southern Brevet (Part 1 – Tekapo to Queenstown)

The Southern Brevet; 1,100km of stunning Central Otago MTB riding, on tarmac, gravel roads, 4WD tracks and all sorts.  There’s a set route and a few guidelines but the rest is up to you; carry what you will, stay where you like and take your time (within 8 days).  The idea is somewhat intimidating (it’s … Read more

Mid Goulter (very steep)

“Hmm, maybe my hatchback wouldn’t make it here after all,” I finally admitted, at about a quarter to midnight.  Whilst it’s a ‘gravel road’ on the map, the road to Lake Chalice is a lot more like a goat track than a road.  It’s narrow, steep, winding and rough.  For once I was grateful to … Read more

Family trip to Paua Hut

Family tramps work nearly the same as the usual tramping that we all know and love. Early starts, gruelling days through all weathers, getting far into the backcountry – well, we don’t do any of that. Four hours is a long day, persistent drizzle is enough to make us seriously consider staying at home, and … Read more