Cow Creek

Mike: It’s Saturday night, before 8pm. I’m hunched below a top bunk of Cow Creek Hut, feeling very well fed and trying to scribble these notes by torchlight.  Debbie and Eleonora are already trying to go to sleep. Debbie’s had the wood-burner going, and it’s toasty enough for me to have switched to a downstairs … Read more

When people come north to Wellington for tramping…

Date: 14 June 2014. Trampers: Too many to name. Location: St Johns Hall, Willis & Dixon Street. Trip Type: Enlightening Policy Discussions. Author: Mike McGavin. Saturday 14th June was a typical sparkly, sunshiney Wellington day and so I was naturally surprised that nobody else from Tongue and Meats* was spending it where many other trampers … Read more

Heritage to Tunupo

Around the 3rd to 5th of September Bernie, Richard, Mike and I had plans to do some exploring around the southern Ruahines. We bailed out a day early with too much snow for the gear we’d brought, not to mention an extended mountain forecast of 120km/h galeforce nor-westerlies in exposed mountain areas on Sunday. Okay, … Read more