Taranaki East Ridge

Driving up to the Sratford Plateau car park at 5.45am on Saturday morning I’m hoping someone has spread lots of grit on the road so there is no ice to cope with. It’s a mild morning and the damp road has not frozen overnight. Relieved I park and we clamber out and assemble our gear … Read more

Post-snowcraft trip to Tahurangi

Conscious that we had only had one weekend away instead of the usual two I made the offer to the group that if they came up with an idea for a post Snowcraft trip and organised it I would come with them on it. Dan and Amie were up for the challenge and in no … Read more

Tales from Snowcraft 2015

First the winds of change blew through WTMC! Initiation rites that used to be undertaken to achieve membership were abandoned. Initiation rites like having to survive two overnight trips with the club, being seen in a holey ice breaker jumper, proving you can pronounce “Tararua” and know what scroggin is, bribing a trip leader or … Read more

Tussock bagging down south

For more photos and the entirety of Sharron’s nearly 4000 word expression of love for Tussock can be found on her blog. Years of tramping, camping and running have given me a deep appreciation for tussocks. Given this minor tussock obsession coupled with my fondness for hills it’s perhaps not surprising that one of my … Read more

When ‘Garage Projects’ go Feral – Aorangi Undulator and Aorangi 100 

Both Sharron and Marie have written up their experiences of the race Marie’s running adventures The Aorangi Undulator is a ‘run’ taking in some 30km of Aorangis over a series of bumps. Our trip leader decided to truly lead the way by doing the Aorangi 100 Ultra – a three day event taking in 100km … Read more

Hanging out in the Hopkins wishing I had a helicopter…

Easter/Anzac weather featured a cyclone, extensive flooding, high winds and bad Kiwi driving so I was more relieved than surprised when our Thursday night ferry was cancelled. We rebooked for Easter Saturday and enjoyed a warm, sunny Good Friday in Wellington prior to heading south. With our trip shortened by a couple of days and … Read more