Missing tramper found by tree

It has been reported that the search for a missing tramper has ended happily. Police were called by the mother of a middle-aged man overdue on a weekend walk in the Tararua Forest Park when he failed to return home for his dinner on Sunday evening. According to Larabee Penstock the crewman on the rescue … Read more

Bernie’s trip in the Tararuas

For some of the pictures Tony took on the tramp click here. Four friends left Welly Railway Station Friday after work and headed off to the Tararuas. They were to meet Neill, Winchcombe and Hector on the following day—for they had made their own way and were already there. The four bivied on the summit … Read more

Tutuwai Hut

This story has been written solely to annoy the newsletter editor who has just issued the April edition and was probably expecting a break before the next one. To make it more irritating the story doesn’t have anything at all interesting to say because it was such a nice trip that nothing of any note … Read more

Outrageous Otago mountain biking

Toward the end of summer in past years Paul and I have always tried to fit in a multi-day MTB’ing trip—but this time we planned to change that idea and try a number of single-day rides instead. This way we hoped to be able to go further and faster each day. Since neither of us … Read more