The WTMC & MeetUp Join-Up to Trains Hut

 Editor’s note: WTMC has been testing out a new way of signing-up for trips via the website and partnering with the Wellington Tramping Group MeetUp. The following trip report is from a joint trip. I think this was the first tramping trip with a mix of well the Meet up the Wellington Tramping Group … Read more

Schormann – Kaitoke Traverse in a weekend

Editor’s note: Since 1997 some keen WTMC members led by Lindsay Cuthbertson have been publishing a little know guide called “Accounts of week-end, two-day and 24-hour Schormann – Kaitoke (or Putara-Kaitoke) traverses of the Tararuas, North Island, New Zealand, via the Main Range, Tarn Ridge, the rivers and in reverse!” I’ll be looking to update … Read more

The Not Tappy, Light and Fast Daywalk

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” And so they did. What was to be a three day trip to climb Tappy became a furtive dash in the Tararuas during marginal conditions between crappy weather and really crappy weather. The revised plan was to be a fast and light jaunt over … Read more

Tim Tams for Dinner

After Ngauruhoe high camp was cancelled, I decided I needed a weekend of tramping to keep my fitness for Tappy in a few weeks. For family reasons, Spencer was about to enter a period of tramping abstinence and wanted a good solid tramp. As well as keeping tramping fit, Elizabeth needed an excuse to avoid … Read more

Hard Yakka Trips and a Return to the Sunny Tararuas

There are all kinds of hard yakka trips, but to qualify they must test you to breaking point and beyond. A recent trip back in to the sunny Tararuas cracked me. Not so I couldn’t be put back together again, but I definitely did lose it. Hard yakka trips come from my husband Robert. There … Read more

Penn Creek Hut

There were 3 in our happy band. After many days of beautiful, calm, sunny weather, there were howling gales and lashing rain forecasted for the weekend. Driving from Wellington on the Friday night, the worst of it did not arrive until we actually parked the van at Otaki Forks about 9pm. We opened the van … Read more

Family Adventures to Pencarrow

 This was an excellent flat route for family trip but challenging on Saturday because of the approximately 35 knot northerly winds on return. This added to the adventure though and wind was only bad on the points, not in the bays so plenty of respite. Two wisely chose to turn back early. Some lambs and … Read more

Kapakapanui Day Walk

You know you’re leading a trip when the hustle from the Newsletter editor appears in your inbox at the start of the week, and what a good hustle it was! Needless to say, early Saturday morning a small but fine party of trampers assembled to be transported to the eastern fringe of the Tararua ranges … Read more

Hawkins Hill Day Walk

The walk started up the track near the intersection of Landfill Road and Happy Valley Road. Still evident were the effects of the scrub fire which occurred in late February this year. Blackened scrub covering higher regions of the hill contrasted with the lush green below the main track which must have acted as a … Read more

The Editor’s Picnic

A two day retreat away from city life is always good for breaking the stress (or boredom) of a working week and so Ed Newsletter and I decided that, in spite of a MetService severe weather warning for the North Island mountains, we would head into the local hills. A wander over the Orongorongos to … Read more