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      Tony Gazley

      Tramping NZ Calendar 2024

      A 2024 calendar containing 12 photographs of stunning NZ landscapes – taken on hiking trips to the mountains.

      Tramping NZ Calendar 2024 front cover

      The 2024 Tramping NZ Calendar is now available from Bivouac Outdoor, Mercer Street, for $20 cash.

      This essential piece of tramping kit has been awarded the Harry seal of approval for each of the last 5 years—the highest achievement attainable.

      So just hop or skip to Bivouac and get yourself a copy—and while you’re there one as a Xmas present for your nana who is always interested to see the places you have been or are planning to go.

      Below are the 12 calendar photos—you can find out where the photos are taken and view the complete calendar here.

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - descending Mt Titiroa, Fiordland National Park.
      January 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Patuna Chasm, Ruakokoputuna, Wairarapa.
      February 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Westies Hut, Fiordland National Park.
      March 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - On the summit of The Gladiator, Westland National Park
      April 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Cape Palliser, Wairarapa.
      May 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Waingawa River and South Mitre Stream, Tararua Forest Park.
      June 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Mt Morris, Leatham Conservation Area.
      July 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Potts River, Hakatere Conservation Park.
      August 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Top Hut, South Branch Ashburton River.
      September 2024

      Rock and Pillar Range, Middlemarch, Otago.
      October 2024

      NZ Tramping calendar 2024 - Te Mari Crater, Tongariro National Park.
      November 2024

      Mt Ngauruhoe, Tongariro National Park.
      December 2024

      Photos: 36 x 24 cm

      Price: $20 (cash only).

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      This calendar sure is a blast!
      Great shots from the first to the last!
      And it’s sure to sell out
      when word gets about
      So get down to Bivouac fast!

      How’s that Tony? Now can you please lower that gun from the back of my head…?

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      Tony G

      Excellent – but you need to post the haiku before you are totally in the clear

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      Tony’s calendars –
      endless stunning photographs –
      perfect Christmas gifts.

      Hopefully that will get the gun taken away…

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      Tony G

      Perfect – you are free to go until next year but don’t think you can hide.

      A copy of the calendar will be on its way to you soon.

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      A copy of the calendar will be on its way to you soon.

      Well, that was easy! What would I have got if I had written a Shakespearean sonnet?

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      Upon yon wall, a glimpse of nature’s grace,
      In hues of morn, in twilight’s soft embrace,
      In scenes where rugged paths entwine and wind,
      In every frame, a tale of Earth enshrined.

      The calendar of tramps, a treasure rare,
      With images that tender hearts ensnare,
      Each page, a portal to a world untamed,
      Where wild and free, our spirits are reclaimed.

      In April’s light, the daffodils dance fair,
      As May unfolds, green meadows paint the air,
      July’s sun kisses peaks with golden fire,
      While October weaves a crimson choir.

      Oh, Shakespeare’s lens, in twenty twenty-four,
      Through tramping’s grace, we cherish nature more.

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      William Shakspere

      Very good Mr ChatGPT – I hope Tony gives you a free calendar. But did you actually look at the photos, Mr ChatGPT? I see no daffodils in the April photo, no green meadows in the May photo, no sun-kissed golden peaks in the July photo, and no crimson choir in the October photo. But at least you didn’t mention any darling buds of May. Oh, and by the way, Mr ChatGPT, the rhyme scheme in each quatrain is supposed to be ABAB, not AABB.

      Grade: B- must try harder

      yours immortally
      William Shakespere

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      Bill Wordsworth

      Dear William

      I must take issue with your comment above apropos daffodils.

      Even if you didn’t see any in the photo they could have been there – hosts nodding their heads and dancing spritely even if it was a bit breezy.


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      William Shaxspeir

      Zounds! I scorn thee Bill, thou scurvy liver-pickled knave! Look again at that April photo – dost thou think daffodils grow in snow and ice? And I’m sure that if any had been around, fluttering and dancing in the breeze, Tony would have included them in the photograph. A nice bit of yellow would have looked good down in the bottom corner.

      your faithful bard
      Wllm Shaxspeer

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      Tony Gazley

      Actually William we had trouble finding a place for the April photo where there were no daffodils. They were everywhere – ten thousand saw we at a glance stretching in never-ending line.


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      Willy Shakspier

      Brilliant! I concede defeat.

      Or as I wrote in Richard II, “I am disgrac’d, impeach’d, and baffled here”.

      Willy Shakespier

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      My Dearest William,

      Hark! Let not thy spirits wane, dear Willy. Verily, I find great delight in the bons mots thou dost share – each morn, mine eyes seek them in the forum’s light. Mayhaps thou couldst speak a kind word on my behalf, for the WTMC hath a profound understanding of the mountain named after my best work, as thou well knowest.

      With all mine affection,


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      Interesting. Those daffodils weren’t there when I went through that area 20 or 25 years ago. I guess it must be the result of global warming.

      You know, if Tony wasn’t such an honest person I might almost suspect that photo of being faked.


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      Tony Gazley

      Hello Harry

      Thanks for pointing out that there may not have been daffodils on The Gladiator. I’m sure I remember them but I’ll ask Aimee and Emily if they saw any and then get back to you. Anyway, with or without daffodils it’s a great place to visit – you can read our story here.

      But remember all photos are to some extent ‘fake’ – they are reality recorded in 2D, cropped, manipulated by the firmware in your DSLR or phone, and often tweaked post production. And fake photography is encouraged – the WTMC and FMC for example have a ‘long exposure’ category in their photo competitions for star trails and the like. You can’t say those represent anything like reality – they clearly have stuff added in that was never there. So who apart from William W should worry if the odd daffodil appears in a photo?


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      Will Shaxxspear
      Edmund, I do indeed know of thy peak,

          a lofty mountain rising to the sky.
          It is a summit which I oft do seek,
          its snowy summit draws the eye up high!
          But no, alas, no matter how I try
          I have not yet succeeded in the task.
          If only I could like the kea fly!
          If only that were not too much to ask!
      Then on thy namesake peak in glory would I bask!

      Will Shaxspeare

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      Will Shaxxspear

      What on earth have you done, Mr Computer, thou surly weather-bitten whey-faced piece of software? If I had wanted that first line set off in a box by itself I would have written it set off in a box by itself, thou venomed earth-vexing measle! Which I did not, thou mammering guts-griping maggot-pie computer! Don’t play smart and mess with my writing, thou fobbing milk-livered canker-blossom! Just display it as I write it, thou artless tickle-brained malt-worm! Have you got that, thou mangled swag-bellied miscreant? Good, I hope so, thou infectious beef-witted hedge-pig! Remember what happened to Kit Marlowe, thou errant fen-sucked joithead!

      yours in annoyance
      Mr Shakxspeer

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      Oh no

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      Whoa! Mr Shakespeare sure seems annoyed! Either that or he just discovered the Shakespeare Insults Generator! (I’d include a link but for some reason the Forum doesn’t seem to like embedded links.)

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      Tony G

      Hello Harry

      This post to the forum was intended to promote the 2024 Tramping NZ calendar and let people know that it was now available at Bivouac Outdoor, Mercer Street, as well as allow favourable comments from the many delighted purchasers.

      But the site has now been highjacked by dead poets going on about daffodils, Faerie Queenes, and other weird stuff. We can’t just get their comments deleted as there would be a backlash about freedom of expression and the sanctity of individual’s opinions.
      Can you think of how we can make them go away? – or at least get them to offer more relevant and favourable comments.


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      wllm Shaekspear

      Oi! I may be dead but I’m immortal! And just remember, any publicity is good publicity.

      And I’ve had a look at your calendar and it’s not too bad, if I do say so myself. Certainly better than anything that Kit Marlowe even came up with. And just think – punters can buy one for a measley 20 bucks! Whereas an original copy of my collected works would probably set them back a million dollars!

      Will Schakespiar

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      Noble Will Schakespiar

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my 2024 Tramping Calendar which I needn’t remind you is now on sale at Bivouac, Mercer Street, for $20 cash. To have someone of your stature comment favourably means a lot to me.

      But I do think you are treating Kit a mite harshly – after all he had to use a camera obscura whereas I have a 50 mega-pixel electronic DSLR. Also I understand Kit was spending a great deal of his time helping you with your stuff about then which may have distracted him.

      Yours in all duty and affection,


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      Will Skakssp.

      Kit Marlowe helping me with my stuff?? How darest thou sayest that, thou yeasty tardy-gaited coxcomb! Thou puny guts-griping varlot! Thou jarring full-gorged haggard! Thou froward onion-eyed wagtail! Thou reeky flap-mouthed hugger-mugger! Next you’ll be spreading lies that Kit didn’t die at Deptford but lived on and wrote all my plays! And remember, this is a man who thought “love” rhymed with “prove”!

      Wili Schakspeeere

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      Tony Gazley

      I had completely forgotten I took this daguerreotype of Westies Hut and sent it to Will. It seems a long time ago now.

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      Excellent Mr Gazley, sir! But you do realise, I hope, that this means the WTMC is going to have to change its badge yet again – based upon this new evidence, “Est. 1947” is clearly incorrect. And we should be celebrating the club’s 400th anniversary right about now.

      But I in turn have been doing some sleuthing and I have just discovered this previously unknown sonnet by the Bard (and a much better one than that awful flowery effort by Mr Chatgpt in my opinion).

      Sonnet 155

      Now that we’ve reached October in the year
      and Christmas time is not too far away,
      while other people’s thoughts may turn to cheer
      my own thoughts dread the coming of that day.

      Most people dream of Christmas roast to guzzle,
      and they look forward to scoffing cakes and jellies;
      for me, alas, it’s one nightmarish puzzle:
      whatever am I going to get the rellies?

      I’m sure they have enough t-shirts and socks,
      and hankies and book tokens just seem trite;
      they’ve had their fill of cherries, cheese, and chocs,
      and even fancy bonbons don’t seem right.

      But then a happy thought enters my head:

      • William Shakespeare
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      Sorry – somehow I got diverted here from the news pages

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