Club activity over Christmas period?

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      Robbie Morrison

      First, hello. I used to be an active club member circa 1985–1995. And will be in Wellington 27 December thru 04 January 2023. And again for the weekend 26–28 January

      Are there likely to be EM or similar tramping trips during this first period? Or perhaps this second weekend as a fall back?

      And I know any answers will be speculative, because the trip schedule for that period is yet to be finalized.

      TIA, Robbie

      PS: I would have uploaded a photograph but no upload button and/or no indication of the type of markup that might be required to embed and image.

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      Monique Bon

      Hi Robbie, nice to hear from a former Club member. We are preparing the next schedule and will have it published in the next fortnight. We will definitely schedule trips over the periods you have mentioned so stay tuned. Kind regards Monique Bon WTMC Chief Guide.

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