Gentle Annie Track Closure

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    According to todays Dominion Post, the Gentle Annie track to Mountain House will be closed for repairs starting this weekend for up to 16 weeks… “Work began yesterday” (21/11) and it will be “Open briefly from Christmas to New Years”

    According to the DoC website, work was supposed to start on the 10th of November and last 14 weeks.

    DomPost: Start 21 Nov, 16 Weeks = ends about 15 March
    DoC: Start 10 Nov, 14 weeks = ends about 17 Feb
    or: Start 21 Nov (since it appears they didnt start on time), 14 weeks = ends about 1 March

    There is probably some lee-way already given for weather in these dates, but they are still worth noting if you are intending to go through there, and the club does have tramps planned in through the Holdsworth Road end for the weekend of 28 Feb – 1 March, so people leading these trips need to be aware that they will need to use the alternative track to Mountain House (its not a bad track all up, but a lot steeper than the Annie)


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