IMPORTANT: WTMC Lodge and RAL Voluntary Administration

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    Anne de Ferron

    [Email sent to members on 22 Nov 2022]

    Kia ora koutou

    This email briefly sums up the potential impacts of the Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL) going into Voluntary Administration on our Lodge. If you are considering making a individual contribution to keep RAL afloat, please complete the PWC survey at the end of this email, by 4pm Thursday 24 November.

    Sent on behalf of the Committee and Lodge Sub-Committee


    Most of you will have heard the recent news that Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL) has gone into Voluntary Administration owing about $40 million to various creditors. This is bad news for many people, not only skiers, but includes skifield workers who have lost jobs, retailers, the local communities and others – and has impacts for our club too.

    The WTMC Ruapehu Lodge depends on the income from winter users – skiers, climbers etc – and if the skifield cannot be recovered as a going concern then our lodge will lose its main source of income. Additionally, as a condition of our lease from DOC, it will need to be removed from the mountain and the site reinstated. The cost of this has been estimated at about $500,000.

    To avoid this, an option would be for a new entity to take over the skifield and get it running again for the 2023 ski season. To this end, the government has recently contributed $4 million short-term finance until the end of December, and now the PWC Administrator is looking at contributions from others – including at this stage Lift Pass Holders and individual tramping club members and ski club members.

    PWC are therefore conducting a survey that is simply a request for all members of those clubs associated with Mt Ruapehu to indicate their intention to make a financial contribution, so that the necessary finance is available for a new entity to be able open the skifield for 2023.

    Additional information is available on the Ruapehu Mountain Clubs Association (RMCA) website and on the PWC website:


    If you have an interest in being able to continue to use Ruapehu as a winter playground, and your children being able to do the same, and in particular the WTMC having its lodge at Iwikau, you can indicate your intentions to make a financial contribution through the survey below.
    Complete the PWC survey:
    If you intend to reply to the survey, it is important that you do so immediately – closing time is 4pm this Thursday. Please note that at this stage it is not a financial commitment by club members – but offers should clearly be genuine.


    At this point, tramping clubs and ski clubs have not formally been asked to indicate whether they would make a financial contribution to support Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL). The Committee and the Lodge Sub-Committee are working through the implications for the Ruapehu Lodge and potential options for the club.

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