Kaukau at night-time


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    Tony Gazley

    Wellington CBD viewed from Kaukau

    Kaukau at night-time

    It seems that in the new trip schedule there is a night-time families trip to Kaukau.

    Well, you won’t be the first. Because on a recent evening I arrived at the summit at dusk to join about five families already there, and more arriving. There were mums with babies, dads trying to control hyperactive kids, dogs straining to get at the unconcerned munching cows, a few random individuals, and a couple of mountain bikers with searchlights for headlamps. There was quite a party.

    It was such a beautiful calm and warm evening that by the time I left late after dark there were still some others happily staying on to enjoy the view and company.

    Hopefully you will get a similar Wellington evening. It is well worth the effort to get there 😎

    PS The shortest way to Kaukau with the least climb is from a track starting the north side of Sirsi Terrace in Broadmeadows. There is a short quite steep section to begin with but then by following the trails marked ‘Easy’ it is about 30 nicely graded minutes to the top.

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