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    I am organising one of the Christmas trips with the club this year.

    It is to Lewis Pass in the South Island.

    The plan is to sail over to the South Island on the 23rd of December and start tramping on the 24th.

    The first part of the trip will be a 6-7 day trip round the St James walkway doing a number of side trips on the way round. The second part of the trip we are probably going to do a couple of 2 day tramps around the Lewis pass area.

    We’ll then return to Wellington on the 3rd of January.

    The trip is suitable for people who have a good level of fitness and a large amount of tramping experience. As we are going to be away from the roadend for 7 days then this means carrying food, personal and communal gear for this time. You’ll also need to help with the organisation a bit.

    Alternatively if you are just wanting transport to the Lewis pass area to do your own thing on the dates above then just let me know.

    If you are interested then just pop me an email or see me at club night this week.

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    Lena Delboulle

    Hi Peter,

    I am a member of the WTMC, currently traveling in Australia (from September to December 2010).
    I will be back in New Zealand mid December. Helen Law adviced me to contact you as I love tramping and will be free over Christmas and New Year.
    This year, I have done three medium tramps with the club. I run once or twice a week here in Australia and try to walk as much as possible.
    I would love to join your group from the 23rd of December to the 3rd of January.
    Please let me know if that would be possible.

    Cheers (from Cairns)


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    Hi Lena

    I’ve sent you an email with the details.



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