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    Andy Styles

    In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, If you have a booking between now and the end of April, we are currently offering full refunds – no cancellation fees. We would like to encourage those who feel sick or uncomfortable coming to the lodge to just stay home.

    The Lodge committee will continue to monitor the situation. In the meantime, the lodge is open for bookings, but we ask those who are exhibiting cold or flu like symptoms, or those who may be particularly vulnerable to the virus, to just stay home.
    Please free to contact us if you have any questions.

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    Andy Styles


    Winter bookings normally open May 1st for members, but with the uncertainty over what Winter 2020 will look like for Mt Ruapehu, we’re pushing back winter bookings to June 1st at the earliest.

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    Andy Styles

    A quick update; we don’t expect to open the lodge until at least Alert Level 1 is reached. Even once Alert Level 1 is reached, there may be additional restrictions imposed by DOC or RAL that we’ll need to work within. We don’t expect much to change in the next month, but we’ll post if there’s any news. Stay safe.

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    Andy Styles

    School holidays will be a bit different this year. We’ve split the holidays into “Bubble Blocks”, with everyone in a Bubble Block arriving and leaving on the same day, with a good cleaning between each Bubble Block. Let us know if you have any questions before bookings open.


    A. Fri July 3rd – Mon July 6th. (3 nights)
    B. Mon July 6th – Thu July 9th (3 nights)
    C. Thu July 9th – Sun July 12th (3 nights)
    D. Sun July 12th – Thu July 16th (4 nights)
    E. Thu July 16th – Sun July 19th (3 nights)


    F. Fri Sep 25th – Mon Sep 28th (3 nights)
    G. Mon Sep 28th – Fri Oct 2nd (4 nights)
    H. Fri Oct 2nd – Mon Oct 5th (3 nights)
    J. Mon Oct 5th – Thu Oct 9th (3 nights)
    K. Thu Oct 9th – Sun Oct 12th (3 nights)

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    Andy Styles

    We’re still waiting another few weeks before we open up bookings for Winter 2020, but we do expect the lodge to be open for winter 2020. Things will look a bit different this year, obviously. For example, we’ll be requiring anyone who feels sick to stay home, so we’ll be offering 100% refunds, even for last minute cancellations. No questions asked.

    A few other things we’re considering are allocating only 1 group (family) per room, requiring people bring their own sheets, extra cleaning duties, and reducing the max occupancy of the lodge.

    More details in the next few weeks.

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    Andy Styles

    The Lodge will reopen July 3rd, just in time School Holidays! Bookings will open for July for members-only on June 14th. This is assuming we get to, and stay at, Level 1. At the moment, we plan on opening bookings for August in mid-July. We’ll be publishing the Winter 2020 schedule soon. Woohoo!

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