Lodge Update. Our Maunga. November 2021 (and two obituaries)

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    Tony Gazley

    WTMC Ruapehu Lodge Dining Room

    The 2021 ski season ended for RAL on Labour Day. Given that there is usually plenty of snow on the upper mountain under normal conditions the lifts could have continued to operate for a bit longer -but nothing has been normal this year, or indeed last year.

    The summer program for the RAL gondola and cafeteria will begin on the 3rd of December.

    For the club the Ruapehu Lodge will be available for use over summer if there is a club member present who is trained to operate the lodge – and generally a minimum of four adults. If interested, you will need to contact Ruapehu Lodge Bookings. This is the only contact method available as the duty booking person could be any of three people at any time.

    Summer lodge

    Once again Murray T will be running ‘Summer Lodge’. This will run from Boxing Day on for at least a week, and up to three weeks depending on demand. No bookings will be required, instead participants will need to contact the lodge at 078923874 the evening prior to confirm that you will be attending and to make sure that there will be space available.

    The only payment option for ‘Summer Lodge ‘will be online banking, and you will need to show Murray proof of payment on arrival. Guidance will be given if you are unsure of the payment method.

    There will be more info on Summer Lodge posted to the forum during November and December. Watch this space.

    Booking Team

    A special mention must go to Andy who has made an incredible effort keeping the system running and is now retiring from the job. Andy has led the Lodge Booking team through some very trying times with the two seasons breaking up the usual flow of bookings because of the Covid situation. So as to be fair to everyone Andy has stuck to the booking rules to ensure a smooth operation for all the punters and the lodge leaders.

    And now on a sad note, two long-time members of our club died recently.

    Peter Lillico

    Peter has been a big lodge supporter and has been involved with the construction of the lodge and up to recently has been with us on the Lodge club ski weeks with his wife Beverly.

    Pete Goodwin

    Pete Goodwin has been a life-time friend and helped during hard times with the lodge. Over the past few years while he was struggling with his illness Pete still encouraged others during working parties to help him paint all the interior walls of the lodge with the intention of completing the lounge and dining room which were partially completed.

    Pete has also been with us on the club ski weeks with his wife Judy.

    Pete was a life member of the club and over many years was involved in our club’s tramping, climbing and ski trips and had a role as gear custodian for more than 10 years. For more on Pete’s involvement with the club read this interview.

    There just is not enough space in this article to cover Peter and Pete’s achievements as long-time members with the club and the Lodge. Our thoughts go to their families. RIP Peter and Pete.

    Lodge Convenor

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    Peter Williams

    An old member from the Tawa college brigade of the 70s…Laurie Gallagher, Gillian Taylor,Steve Lewis,Barb wheeler,Brent Richardson,John porter and other great friends
    Brian hunt , Pete Reid were one of our many club mentoring pals along with Val (rock climbing titahi bay ) and many others of that era
    The lodge holds many memories of working bees as well as ski trips and also fond memories of mountain house when in it existed for our Friday nite forays ( who can remember catching the bus from wellington railway station on a Friday nite….
    I have forgotten a lot of names but the Gazels were part of the clubs backbone..
    Cheers and keep up the good work..
    Pete Williams

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