Missing tramper found by tree

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    Tony Gazley

    A tree

    It has been reported that the search for a missing tramper has ended happily. Police were called by the mother of the tramper out on a day-walk when they failed to return home for their dinner last Sunday evening. According to the crewman on the rescue helicopter, Laramie Penstock, the chopper was initially sent to a probable search area but they were recalled when police notified them that the person of interest had already been found by a tree.

    Penstock thanked the tree, but also said it was important that all trampers should have a copy of the 2021 Tramping NZ calendar so that they know what day it is when they are out in the mountains. Copies are easily obtained by visiting the Bivouac shop in Mercer Street and giving one of the friendly staff $20 cash. You can take a gander before you buy if you like.

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    Tony, call back the chopper.
    A second tramper’s still missing. There are two packs by that tree.

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    Well spotted Heather but that’s the photographer’s pack. There had to be someone there to take the pic. But they weren’t lost so rest easy – it all turned out ok. Thanks for your concern tho.

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    That’s reassuring Tony ‘cos two’s company, trees a crowd.

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