Parking at Iwikau, Mt Ruapehu, winter 2022

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    Tony Gazley

    Car parking at


    Mt Ruapehu

    Winter 2022

    Although there are a few details still to be made clear the main change to the parking system from previous years is that there is now not one.

    Basically, after many complaints about the unfairness of the booking system, it’s a return to a free for all—first come first parked and the rest be damned. The booking system has gone.

    For club members arriving at the lodge on Friday night there should be no issues—logically use the carparks directly opposite the track up to the lodge.

    When arriving during weekdays (except for school holidays) there is likely to be sufficient carparks for all—although if you are not early enough you may face a long walk from a lower carpark.

    It will be a different story for weekends—the carparks are likely to be full by about 7 am. After that you have the option of cruising around the carparks hoping for someone to leave or returning to National Park for a shuttle.

    DOC and RAL are not operating shuttles and the private shuttles do not stop at Whakapapa Village (except it seems to pick up lodge guests) but will run directly from National Park to Iwikau. And anyway, there is a 3 hr maximum time limit in force for all Whakapapa area parking.

    So, the takeaway for club members is:

    • Friday nights simply park in Carpark 1 or Carpark 2 as before
    • Weekdays outside of school holidays just wherever you can find a spot but be early or face a long walk from the lower parks
    • Weekends—it may be your worst nightmare. Good luck and don’t panic!

    Aren’t we fortunate to have our own lodge on the maunga and so escape the worst of the parking problems?  All thanks to those enthusiastic club members of 1953!

    Visit the Ruapehu Lodge Facebook page for more info.

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    Brian Goodwin

    I will give credit to RAL for giving the car parking problem a try. Go for car park no.2 as it is not so steep and easier to clear of snow and will have less issues with people negotiating an icy park. Less dents in your car.

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    Heather G

    Thanks for the tip Brian.

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