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    Hello. Does anyone out there know much about the location of Snowy River Hut?

    It’s not marked on modern maps, but the VUWTC has a photo or two ( and ). From a TTC report at it sounds as if it’s about 3.5 hours from Otaki Forks, somewhere up the Easter Waiotauru River. I’m guessing that may put it approximately on the flat area next to the river, roughly west of spot-height 594 in the centre of this map, but I’m only guessing: Can anyone confirm at all?

    I’m curious if it might make an interesting possibly Medium-rated trip with a little navigation some time in the summer to get up to Field on Friday night, then head up to Kime and navigate down into Snowy River to wherever the hut is, possibly fly-camp outside and rope in a pyromaniac or two to start a good campfire, then head out via Waiotauru Forks on Sunday. Does that sound like a plan that would actually work?

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    Hi Mike, looked on my old maps from the late 70’s and can not find Snowy river hut.

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    Hi Andrew. Thanks for checking. Re-reading the TTC report, it mentions “Just downstream from the hut, a steep ridge gave us access to the long ridge that leads to Elder”, which I’m guessing is the spur leading south up to SH 666, so maybe it’s a kilometer further downstream from where I thought it was on the Eastern Waiotauru.

    Unfortunately the Google Maps satellite images are very blurry in that area, but if it’s there it may be hidden in trees anyway.

    Not an official hut, that’s for sure.

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    Hi Mike,

    Its at S26 974277 (on the NZMG) or thereabouts. The spur up past .666 is fairly good going.

    If you come up from, or go down to the Waiotaru there is a short swim en route.


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    It isn’t on 1972 map on the Tararua’s I have. I’ll make you a copy though as it does have a number of old huts and tracks that are no longer there on maps case this helpful for future quests. If you are at club on Wednesday I’ll give you the copy then.


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    Fantastic. Thanks Richie, and thanks Paul. Good to know I’m not imagining all these references. I’ll note it down for a future idea.

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