Taking dehy to Australia

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    Beccy D

    Does anyone know if we can take home-made dehy to Australia?

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    It depends on the meal, similar to NZ Quarantine. I’ve taken in meals made from canned and well cooked food that I’ve run through the food processor before dehydrating. Avoid nuts, seeds, roots, anything fresh. See: https://www.abf.gov.au/entering-and-leaving-australia/can-you-bring-it-in/list-of-items. States/Territories may also have their own quarantine restrictions. Phone them up, they’re usually very helpful.

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    Beccy D

    For info, here’s what Australian biosercurity said:
    “To import dehydrated meals for personal use you would have to meet the import conditions for each ingredient. Search BICON https://bicon.agriculture.gov.au/BiconWeb4.0/ for each one.
    For example, you can bring dried grapes for personal use as long as they’re thoroughly dried, in clean and new packaging and readily identifiable. You may bring less than 10kg beef and lamb from NZ for personal use without an import permit, but you may need a product label stating that the beef and lamb is product of NZ. You need an import permit for chicken. For dairy products you will need a manufacturer’s declaration or food product label stating that the goods were manufactured in NZ or Australia. You are unlikely to be able to get the necessary certification for ingredients in meals that you’ve made yourself.”
    We think it’s just too hard! Look’s like we’ll be eating backcountry….

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