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    Does anyone know if there is good camping to be had outside Top Maropea Hut in the Ruahines? I have 7 people going to this hut which only sleeps 4. Thanks.

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    Certainly is, Gareth.

    I was up there a couple or so years back with Craig Bellhouse. There’s a helipad been bulldozed in, beside the hut, that is nice and flat and probably is a bit more grassy and a bit less rocky than when we were there. There’s a bit of other room around the hut that is sloping to a greater or lesser extent.

    Hans, Mika and I had no problem finding room for a couple of 2-man tents.

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    A picture tells a thousand words. Here’s a pic of camping outside Top Maropea hut, courtesy Steve K.


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    You can pitch a large fly there as well, we had 4 outside a few months ago. A neat side trip is to visit the waterfall further down the track – handy tip from the Vice President.

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