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    Can anyone tell me what sort of river level (in cumecs) makes for a good trip down the Hutt River from Kaitoke to Te Marua? Much appreciated

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    For a safe trip you don’t need much water at all for tubing – generally don’t want the water too wild/high, unlike if kayaking. Prepare for a full day (up to 6-8hrs), be prepared to be cold and to walk the odd bony bit, wetsuit essential and get an early start (each year at least one party of wallies heads down the river and get caught out often becasue of a late start and SAR has to go looking for them). Best to contact the Kaitoke Waterworks ranger for cumec level advice.

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    What makes a good trip….apart from the water level and saftey as Andrew correctly points out….is the company
    The club is running a tubing trip down the Hutt river in last week of January.

    Anyone interested can come along to a club night (WED 7:30 4 Moncreiff St) and talk to Brian Johnston about it and sign up…non members included!

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    That’s a good trip, but you might want to get a hold of the Hutt Valley kayak club guys before you go, they will be able to tell you about any log jams or anything that is in the river at the moment. Last year the club didn’t run the trip because of several big jams…on advice from that group.

    Low flow is good, for rafting, have not idea what the cumec measurements are for that river, wear a wetsuit, helmet and bring a wee paddle for the slow bits (little yellow plastic ones available from the warehouse for a few bucks!)

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