Writing a trip report is now as simple as ChatGPT


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      Tony Gazley

      Writing a trip report was once a pain—all that stuff to remember, thinking of an interesting take on the trip, making sure it was grammatically correct all took a lot of time and effort.

      Blue Lake. A pleasant summer overnight trip from the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge.

      But those days are over! Now all you need to know is ChatGPT. Give the AI chat bot a few cues and in less than 30 seconds, hey presto, there’s your report.

      So instead of having to find the time to write a promo for the Easter Lodge I simply asked ChatGPT to do it for me.

      Here is what I asked:

      Write a one page happy report on what 30 hikers could expect to do when staying at the WTMC Lodge on Mt Ruapehu. Possible activities would be visiting waterfalls and climbing to the summit.

      And here is the promo done in 16 seconds:

      The WTMC Lodge on Mt Ruapehu is the perfect place for a group of 30 hikers to explore the stunning natural beauty of New Zealand’s North Island. Located at the base of Mt. Ruapehu, the highest mountain in the North Island and an active volcano, the lodge offers easy access to a variety of outdoor activities.
      One popular activity for hikers staying at the WTMC Lodge is visiting the beautiful waterfalls located in the surrounding area. The Tama Lakes Track is a moderate hike that takes hikers through native forest and past several stunning waterfalls, including Tama Lakes Falls and Tama Stream Falls.
      Another must-do activity for hikers at the WTMC Lodge is climbing to the summit of Mt. Ruapehu. The mountain offers several different climbing routes, from the relatively easy Tongariro Northern Circuit to the challenging Summit Plateau Route. The summit of Mt. Ruapehu offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, and is a truly unforgettable experience.
      In addition to hiking and climbing, the WTMC Lodge also offers a variety of other activities to keep guests entertained. These include skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, kayaking in the surrounding rivers and lakes, and stargazing at night.
      Overall, the WTMC Lodge on Mt Ruapehu is the perfect destination for a group of 30 hikers looking for a memorable outdoor adventure. With its
      beautiful scenery, challenging hikes, and range of activities, it is sure to provide a truly unforgettable experience for all.

      For more info on the Easter Lodge visit the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge Facebook Page.

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      It’s as bland and awful as one would expect from a computer chatbot. And where are these Tama Lake Falls and Tama Stream Falls? Anywhere near Taranaki Falls, by any chance? And I was unaware that the Tongariro Northern Circuit led to the summit of Mt Ruapehu…

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      So in theory, when one is toying with which trip to sign up for (because WTMC offers a great selection every weekend) we can use ChatGPT to write up the trip reports for that weekend in advance, to then read and then select one to sign up for. That should help heaps in choosing 🙂

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      Tony G

      Why not go the next step and get ChatGPT to write up all those trips you’ve never done – then sit back and bask in the reflected glory?
      For example here is my recent trip to Everest.

      Tony made a successful climb of Mt Everest recently. Write in approximately 100 words the story of his ascent.

      Tony, an experienced mountaineer, successfully climbed Mount Everest recently. He underwent extensive physical and mental preparation for the challenging ascent, including acclimatization hikes to higher elevations. On the day of the climb, Tony and his team set out from base camp early in the morning, making their way up the mountain’s rugged terrain. Despite facing harsh weather conditions, including strong winds and low visibility, Tony pressed on, determined to reach the summit. After several grueling hours of climbing, he finally reached the top, standing at the highest point on earth. Overcome with emotion, Tony took in the breathtaking view and spent a few moments on the summit before beginning the long descent back to base camp. His successful climb of Everest is a testament to his determination and skills as a mountaineer.

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      If Tony reached the summit of Everest recently in a single day from base camp then he clearly is a determined and extensively physically and mentally prepared mountaineer, especially since he did it right in the middle of winter. But if he pressed on in the face of harsh weather conditions including strong winds and low visibility then he is perhaps an incautious and imprudent one. Though one does wonder how he managed to see all those breathtaking view in the low visibility conditions.

      I look forward to seeing the summit photos.

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      Tony Gazley

      Leaving Base Camp

      On the summit ready to ski down

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      The summit of Everest has clearly changed a bit since Ed Hillary’s day….

      I presume that’s Cho Oyu in the background.

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      Tony Gazley

      The summit did look different but the Hillary Step was much the same.

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      The summit has got easier but the Hillary Step has definitely got a lot harder…

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      Tony G

      Let’s ask ChatGPT.

      Q: Describe the Hillary Step

      A: The Hillary Step is a rock feature on the southeast ridge of Mount Everest, located at an altitude of about 8,790 meters (28,800 feet) above sea level. It is a steep rock face that climbers must negotiate as they approach the summit of the mountain. The name honors Sir Edmund Hillary, who, along with Tenzing Norgay, was the first person to reach the summit of Everest in 1953.

      Q: Is the Hillary Step more difficult than in 1953?

      A: It is difficult to compare the difficulty of the Hillary Step now to its difficulty in 1953, as climbing equipment and techniques have advanced significantly in the intervening years. Some climbers have reported that the rock face has become more eroded and less stable over time, making the ascent more challenging. However, others have claimed that modern equipment and techniques make the Hillary Step easier to navigate than it was in the past. In any case, the Hillary Step remains a formidable obstacle for climbers attempting to reach the summit of Everest.

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      The general view is that the Hillary Step has got considerably easier following the large Nepalese earthquake a few years ago which seems to have caused one or two of the large boulders towards the top to collapse, turning it into more of a steep slope than an actual step. However the photographic evidence above clearly indicates that it has in fact got vastly more difficult, with a vast overhanging roof that certainly did not exist in 1953.

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      There once was a club who used ChatGPT
      But forum opinion put them in jeopardy
      Because some viewed them as phoney
      However, the annual calendar helped thanks to Tony
      And that, my friend, was the remedy.

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      Tony once wrote to have climbed Everest
      As many knew he was skilled there was little contest
      But Harry called him out
      Because the photos showed doubt
      So Tony’s attempt with ChatGPT was short of the best.

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      Mrs Robinson

      Hahaha nice one.

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      Mr Trogg

      A chatbot came up with a story
      where Tony was covered in glory.
      Our hero would never rest
      until he’d climbed Everest –
      a feat quite congratulatory.

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