WTMC Photos albums – 1940s/50s

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    Emily Shrosbree

    I have a couple of club photo albums from the late 1940s and 1950s which I am no longer able to store.
    All the same trips we do now, plus a few more adventurous ones including overseas expeditions.

    I have made a very amateur digital version if anyone wants to take a look. Can’t seem to post the link here for some reason.

    If you would like to have the hard copies then please let me know before 16th August, otherwise I will dispose of them.
    Reply here or contact me direct (my contact details will be on most printed trip schedule)


    PS added by tony g:

    Although I have dibs on the albums you can take a look at Emily’s copy if you are interested.

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    Tony g

    I’ll take them thanks

    tony g

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    Good on Tony for taking the albums. But I’m absolutely shocked and saddened that Emily was thinking of disposing of them (assuming that by “dispose of” she means what I think she means, i.e. throwing them out). These are absolutely invaluable historical records of the early days of the club and the people who made it up (and if they date from the 1940’s and 1950’s then they will include many of the club’s founders), and in my view throwing them out would be absolutely criminal. It’s sad that anybody should be thinking of doing that (and even sadder when it comes from a former president of the club).

    Surely the club should be hanging on to these priceless historical records. If there is no individual who is willing to look after them then perhaps there could be a locked cupboard up at the lodge where they could be kept safe.


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    Emily Shrosbree

    I agree Harry – that’s why I posted them on here to find a new host for them and it worked 🙂

    They are fascinating but they are also a very awkward size and shape to store so I’m glad they have a new home.

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