Xmas reading. Top 10 WTMC website trip posts 2022.

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      Tony Gazley

      The Top 10 WTMC website tramping posts for 2022 ranked by the number of views. The top scorer is Paua Hut, although there are two posts for the Makara to Red Rocks coastal day walk, and these summed would be by far the most viewed tramp. Interesting that it would also be one of the least completed.

      Note that the post views are by both club members and non-club members. Happy reading.

      No 1.  Paua Hut.  All you need to know about booking and getting to our own Orongorongo Valley Hut. The most viewed page on the WTMC website for 2022.

      No 2.  Ruapehu Lodge.  All you need to know about booking and getting to our own Mt Ruapehu Lodge.
      But there’s more:
      WTMC Ruapehu Lodge – A brief History 1952 to 2022 
      WTMC Ruapehu Summer Lodge videos
      Ruapehu Lodge Facebook page.

      No 3. Ōtaki Forks temporary walking track.  A route guide to the high level detour over the Blue Bluff slip on the Ōtaki Forks Road. This has now been superseded by the District Council’s formed walking track directly though the slip which is significantly shorter and easier. A guide to the new route is at:
       Ōtaki Forks new access track in under 3 minutes. 

      No 4.  Five Passes.  A 6-day tramp through some spectacular areas of Fiordland.

      No 5.  Makara Beach to Red Rocks.  A cool video of the best Wellington coastal walk by Ian Harrison. But it’s a hard day out – allow 12 hours of solid walking – plus a swim to save time climbing to the ridge, and there’s also a tattered old rope to descend. An area seldom visited.
      Another story at No. 8 below by Harry Smith:
      Makara Beach to Owhiro (Ohiro Bay).

      No 6.  Totara Flats Hut.  A weekend tramp to one of the most popular huts in the Tararua Range, beginning and ending at the Holdsworth roadend.

      No 7.  Mitre Peak.  A weekend tramp to the summit of Mitre in the Tararua Range from the Pines roadend. It’s worth noting that ‘Mitre Peak’ is a peak in Milford Sound and that the Tararua peak is correctly named rather boringly as ‘Mitre’. From the right perspective it looks like a bishop’s mitre hat.

      No 8. Makara Beach to Owhiro (Ohiro) Bay.  Harry Smith’s definitive guide to the Makara – Red Rocks coastal walk. Includes a short video. Refer also to No. 5 above. Together these posts describe by far the most viewed (but almost certainly the least completed) trip of all the WTMC web posts for 2022. Maybe there will be a trip report for the 2023 Top 10.
      For more info:
      Makara Beach to Red Rocks.

      No 9.  The Tongariro Northern Circuit in a day.  This is usually done as a 3-day tramp but Heather tells us how the 44 km circuit can be fast-walked in a long day. Lots of useful info.

      No 10.  Mt Rolleston – the highs and lows.  An account of a climb of the High Peak of Mt Rolleston via the Rome Ridge in winter by Nick and Elizabet. A classic Arthur’s Pass Route. Includes video. A worthy Top 10 post for 2022.

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