15 thoughts on “Proposed New WTMC Logo – What do you think?”

  1. We have had the club logo since 1947 when the club was formed, so why do we need to change it, if it wont work in the new digital age then make it work.If you look in the new “Tramping” book (see attachment) that has just hit the book shelves, we have the club logo in the front and back with every other club in NZ. Very interesting reading about how club was formed, and our logo is well known nationally and Internationally around the world. No other club I know has changed their logo, look at the Hutt Valleys and the Tararua clubs who have been going longer the our club, I bet they have not thought of changing theirs. The committee are there to run the club and trips, and need not worry about the club logo. I have been a member since 1959 and I would be VERY upset if it was changed.

  2. I love it and would like to thank Tim for his generosity in spending time on this. (Given my background in design and branding, I’d estimate he’s spent 15-20 hours on this, if not more) I like that it would work large or small, that it bridges something contemporary with something traditional and that it’s clearly recognisable. I also like that it shows the back country which we all use across club activities (unlike the current logo. I’ve never picked up an ice axe and don’t intend to. Does the *majority* of the club use them? Feels like the mountaineering aspect is given a nod in the proposed logo on the left with the snow-capped mountain.)

    It seems that some of what this discussion comes down to is whether people are keen for the logo to be updated or not. Folks who don’t aren’t likely to support any options presented, by anyone.

  3. I love it! What an awesome nod to the past while looking to the future. Thank you Tim for doing such an amazing job for our club.

  4. This could be a little like the flag debate. I am interested to learn what the process from here is expected to be. A change I would expect to be presented to the membership sibce it affects articles 4&5 of the club constitution.

    The new design does capture the core of activities but should be validated to ensure uniqueness from other tramping clubs. It also would make a nice badge to affix on a canvas pack.

  5. I think the new logo ideas are interesting.
    But I also think they look too much like many of the other club logos you see around.

    The stickers are awful (too busy and detailed for something so small) and need to be updated, but not so sure about the logo itself, and especially not sure about losing the blue entirely.

    Even Te Ara reckons our club logo is worth sharing on its page…

  6. While I’m sure the proposed changes to our logo have been suggested with the best of intentions, I would be very sad to see our shield, rope and ice axe go. It’s a very well-recognised logo and has much history and tradition attached to it. Let’s refresh the old logo and preserve its identity.

  7. I’m impressed with Tim’s design skill. The new logos really do look good, but… I think we have to hang on to some or all of the elements of the old shield logo. I can’t say I like the old logo, but as most people have commented, it’s associated with the club now. It would be great if Tim had a crack at refreshing the old logo although it’s a job that’s always going to attract criticism!
    The old sticker does need a revamp. When you come across it in a hut book alongside a TTC sticker it looks pretty sad.
    Here’s some examples of logo evolution of famous brands over the years:
    I think it’s about time we refreshed ours too.

  8. Maybe I need to clarify my previous comment as I would hate to come across as precious. I class the yellow sticker as just that ,a sticker . I would I would support this being updated .
    Our logo is the blue shield,rope and ice axe and that is what I believe we should preserve and incorporate into any new sticker design.

  9. If we use one of the green logos, I think it would need to be the one on the right as the snow-capped peak on the left might be confused the the Vic Uni Tramping Club logo which has snow-capped peaks or used to.

    Apart from that I am fairly neutral on whether we should change or not though they say nothing stays the same for ever. Good work team.

  10. My feeling is that we could change the yellow sticker to match our current logo. However, I see nothing wrong with the current logo. If the resolution is wrong, fix that. Our logo is well known and, and in my mind, well respected. Why do we have to fix something that is not ‘broken’? I concur with Noel’s comments above.

  11. Hello. I don’t want to diminish the effort and thought that’s gone into this, but my own immediate view is to be concerned about losing much of the association with the existing logo. I don’t know how far back it’s gone (maybe some older members could comment, or reference archive material?), but the shield, ice-axe and rope thing seems to have had a lengthy association which probably means something to many present and past members.

    The existing logo has also appeared in many publications both from the club and elsewhere. Most recently that I can think of is in an array of club logos published in Chris Maclean and Shaun Barnett’s Tramping History book that came out a few weeks ago. People already recognise it, and that’s worth quite a lot. Cutting that link for something that’s almost a complete reboot feels a bit wrong.

    Also, the new proposal seems to be very green-based, without much contrast. Would the detail fade?

  12. I tink the OLD logo is too busy and I am not as precious as some, by the sounds, about it. I LOVE the simplicity of proposed ones and have no problem helping someone.

    • +1. Especially given it’s a reciprocal arrangement not a one way street: Tim does free design work on a proposed logo while being able to add it to his portfolio.

  13. Love the new logo designs, one on left is ‘cleaner’. Keep up the good work!

  14. I appreciate that the committee is putting forward the recent changes to our membership categories and joining requirements to secure the future of the club. However I don’t see the change of logo in this category . It sounds like the designer did one trip with the club which is hardly qualifies him to understand the traditions that have gone before . I don’t see we need to help him build his portfolio.
    What is the cost of preserving our current logo in its current form? Our logo is recognised by the mountain club fraternity throughout new Zealand and is still viewed with pride by many of us who have placed the hut book stickers thru out the back country.
    Lets take a breather from pushing forward these changes and lets get on with enjoying the outdoors.

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