Around D’Urville Island and Beyond

Story by Jeanine Langvik How on earth are we going to get through there we thought as we made our way down to the lookout over the tidal flow at French Pass. The sea was racing through the pass like a whitewater rapid at a speed of 13 knots an hour creating huge eddies on … Read more

The Y2K Wander

“And in the news, a circus performer falls overboard while trying to perform acrobatics on the handrail of a fast ferry last night”.  The radio news continued as I headed to the airport to pick up 2 punters, while the other 3 were travelling by car, having crossed on the fast ferry the previous night. … Read more

Newsletter archive

Journals Each year, club members receive an impressive coffee-table style journal with the best photos and articles of the year. We will make older journals available here for your reading pleasure.  These files are quite large – 15MB or more – so you’re best downloading them and reading them offline. 2016-journal 2015-journal.pdf 2014-journal.pdf 2013-journal.pdf 2012-journal.pdf … Read more