Purity Hut

I’d softened. After basking in the Australian sun for the last two years and next to no opportunity to climb hills, I was a tad anxious about my ability to cope with a fashion statement involving boots, let alone for a whole weekend. As part of my easing back into the back-country life, I had … Read more

A trip to the Gardens

Whenever I sign up for a trip like this it is because I have absolutely no idea what the trip is apart from there will be some glaciers and ice plateaus and so “yes please” pops out well before my rational side can pipe in with “Hmmm well that must also mean crossing some potentially … Read more

50 Metres Visibility on the Tararua Main Range

Wellington Anniversary Weekend meant an opportunity to have a slightly longer trip in the Tararuas than the usual weekend, and we used it to visit the middle part of the main range, beginning from Otaki Forks and ending at Poads Road near Levin. The forecast leading up to the weekend was uninspiring, suggesting several large … Read more

Mt Rolleston – Arthur’s Pass NP

Holy shit! I am so knackered. I am lying on one of the top bunks of a small mountain hut in Arthur’s Pass national park. It is cramped. There are barely nine inches between my nose and the slope of the ceiling. It doesn’t matter, though, because I am too tired to sit up. I … Read more