Christmas Tramp: Lewis Pass to Nelson Lakes

New Years Day 2010 a bunch of keen yet slightly crazy trampers jump onto the interislander on a 9 day excursion taking them deep into the heart of the Southern Alps going from Lewis Pass up to Nelson Lakes. The initial plan is to head over three alpine passes Three tarns pass, Thomson Saddle and … Read more

Masterton Mystery Cycle Trip

If people sign up for a Mystery Trip, they might expect that at least the trip leader might know where they’re going, what transport would be used, how long the cycling would take, and where they’ll sleep. This was however a Mystery Trip of the better kind, where such trivial things even remained unknown for … Read more

Midnight Special

The special theory of relativity formulated by Albert Einstein in 1905 predicts that time slows for fast-moving objects. Presumably then, by moving quickly objects should have plenty of time to reach their destination. But we now have irrefutable proof that Einstein was wrong – because on a recent trip to the Richmond Range although we … Read more

Pohangina Valley Cycle Trip

During a cycle trip last year Hans was positively surprised by the landscape of the Pohangina Valley so this year he made sure it was on the trip schedule again. He suggested that, although you can easily camp near the bridge north of Komako, the campground in the Totara Reserve next to Mt. Richards might … Read more