Alpine Refresher

This year we decided to schedule an alpine refresher weekend ahead of the snow courses, the idea being that instructors would get in some practice before the courses started. However, with Snowcraft cancelled due to a lack of numbers, the weekend evolved into an opportunity for people who had previously done an AIC or Snowcraft … Read more

Aunty Rata Interview with Jenny Cossey

Jenny Cossey is well known in Wellington outdoor circles as a competent, resourceful, resilient and experienced tramper, climber, rogainer and tango dancer. When she is not looking after her sons she can be found undertaking epic trips to remote places in the South Island or educating kids in classrooms. Accidents that happen in the hills … Read more

Track Talk – August 2010

With Amanda Wells – Chief Guide Lately I’ve been thinking about relative risk. We might assume that our perception of danger is based on objective assessments of quantifiable facts, but experience generally teaches otherwise. I participated in Snowcraft 2006, which concluded with a lengthy descent from a snowcave through gale winds and poor visibility. “Worst … Read more