Pencarrow Lakes mountain bike trip

We all met at 9am in the car park at the end of Muritai Road, Eastbourne, on a lovely Saturday morning. Most people got there a little early to make last minute adjustments to their bike and meet the group. When all 8 riders (Pete, Maarten, Wayne, Jarard, Dave, Anna, Snaiet, and Natascha) were present … Read more

City to sea day walk

We assembled bright and early on a slightly overcast Saturday morning in late October, by the Cenotaph at the end of Lambton Quay and wandered up to Bowen Street Cemetery for the official start almost managing to lose half the group before we even got to the information board describing the route ahead. After a … Read more

Mitre Flats Hut – a first time tramping club experience

As a first timer I thought I’d arrive nice and early so I got to the station around 07:30. Great!: enough time to get a nice big coffee. I wasn’t sure where I was going but used my initiative and headed towards the group standing next to the mini bus with the large packs. Everyone … Read more

Hawkins Hill to Red Rocks

This day trip in the southern coast area has some interesting variation and views, despite the lack of natural setting: you pass above the southern landfill and it is almost all on 4wd tracks. As we set out it was looking like it might rain, but luckily there was no wind; travelling the ridge line … Read more

Better luck next time

Dear Mt Taranaki, Such a tease!  Forever sitting aloof and proud on the western side of the North Island, often half hidden behind mist and cloud, giving off strong hints of, but seldom revealing, your full splendour. We were hoping we might get lucky this time. Mid-week the forecast looked promising. By Friday night I … Read more

Rintoul Hut

The Richmond Range is seldom visited by the club, possibly as there are few good round trips. I had visited Rintoul before when doing the Richmond alpine route so knew it was good country. The choice of route was a problem, as to do a round trip meant we would miss the 7pm ferry and … Read more

Paua Hut for Guy Fawkes in 36 lines

What happens if you take a whole lot of comments from everyone on the trip and just mash them together? There were so many favourite parts: fireworks having left over pudding for breakfast everyone gathered round the bonfire roasting marshmallows and damper fireworks display and sparklers sleeping in the tent jelly beans the company kids … Read more

Rimutaka Incline MTB

Mark and Amelia did an excellent job of arranging perfect weather for this lovely excursion over the Rimutaka Incline and down the other side to Cross Creek. The ride up is fairly cruisy, even for a rider with no stamina like me. We stopped at the summit to ponder about life in general and have … Read more

Korokoro Dam

A group of 16 set out in good weather for the popular Cornish St to Korokoro Dam walk, a 3 hour return trip. The track follows Korokoro stream all the way to the dam, which was built in 1903 to supply Petone. Remnants of the water pipeline remain. Our group had a good number of … Read more