Butterfly Creek day walk

The butterfly creek walk was our first with the Wellington Tramping club. My partner Tim and I wanted to try out a day walk with the club that wasn’t too easy and wasn’t too hard, and was fairly easy to get to. So Butterfly creek was it. When we arrived at the bus stop, it … Read more

Tongariro Devil Creek Crossing

With an appalling weather forecast it was decided that a weekend trip to the lodge wasn’t a goer; chances are the Bruce Road would be closed and we wouldn’t even get there.  Spencer was keen to lead a local day walk instead and I for one really needed to stretch my legs, so did Tracey, … Read more

Who really wants an uneventful tramping weekend?

After having come into contact with WTMC for the first time only 2 Wednesdays earlier, here I was at Wellington train station meeting a bunch of random people for a weekend in the Tararua ranges.  First good sign was a newish, sturdy looking WTMC van in the car park with 2 or 3 people milling … Read more

Snowcraft – 1st weekend: A brief report from the Podium Group (Not to be confused with the ‘elite’ group…)

When signing up in the balmy month of May, it wasn’t there yet. And even for many long weeks into June, there was hardly any snow on the ski fields at the big hill in the North, which we can often see on a clear day when tramping in our Tararua backyard. However, we still … Read more