Tongariro in the mist – peak bagging for 8 year olds – November 2011

Everyone knows the Ruapehu Lodge is where you go for winter weekends; for snowboarding, alpine adventures and the like.  Summer?  What’s there in Summer?  Well, that was our mission: to find out. I well know that the lodge is very comfortable for regular punters and families alike. It needs to be because snowboarding at Mt … Read more

Track Talk – November 2011

Author: Amanda Wells, Chief Guide Hard to believe but it’s time for a new trip schedule. The summer schedule runs from February to April and we’re looking for ideas of road ends now. Please email them to Richard () by the end of this week. Trip planning, when we figure out the actual tramps for … Read more

From Pinnacles to Sea with the “has beens” – November 2011

I was down to lead the medium traverse of the Haurangis, one of my favorite tramping haunts, but with no punters signed up things looked grim until Craig McGregor, an ex-Chief Guide, signed up. It’s been a few years since our glory days at the Tongue & Meats and, with no one else signed up, … Read more

Mount Mitre – November 2011

My second tramp with the WTMC lead us into the beautiful Tararua Range. I wasn’t really sure about my experience nor my fitness level, but it sounded like a nice achievement to climb a mountain, so I gave it a try. Looking back I am a bit embarrassed about my naivity, and will tell you … Read more

This is Not Jam Hut – November 2011

Normally writing a trip report you can get away with a few continued jokes and well, general lies. This one is different as someone might actually want to know where we went or didn’t! A shiver runs down my spine, responsibility aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! So the serious stuff: We got permission from the farmer to cross his … Read more

Mangatoetoe Hut – November 2011

For Joanne, Debbie, Catherine and Paul, this was the first trip to the Mangatoetoe Hut in the Aorangi (Haurangi) Forest Park. The tramp was led by our illustrious leader Ray who had visited the hut once before. The tramp from the road end to the hut was relatively flat, and consisted of many river crossings, … Read more