Skyline Track

A varied group of people we were. From unemployed I.T. Geeks to people who had to attend work phone meetings even on the Saturday! Yes – one of us had to be in on a phone meeting for at least the first few kilometers. Personally, I would like a job like that – going for … Read more

Pencarrow Head

This trip report is brought to you by the letter ‘L’. L is for Lighthouse of which there were two. One was old and one was new(er). L is also for Lakes. Again there were two. One was circumnavigated and the second just viewed from afar. Finally, L is for Lunch – an important supporting … Read more

Family Trip to Totara Flats Hut

Summerlike conditions with bright sunshine and highs of early 20’s were promised and delivered for the weekend, and a couple of keen lads were ready to go. The track up to the Holdsworth/Totara Flats junction seems to have been continuously upgraded towards a metalled highway of constant gradient. In the warm weather, a break at … Read more

Bushcraft River Crossings

The majority of Team Bushcraft had made every effort to keep their feet dry on the way to the campsite. But when it came to learning about river crossing later that afternoon, it was immediately apparent that notwithstanding our previous efforts, no amount of side-stepping, tree-clinging or stunning athleticism would change the fact that we … Read more

Cow Creek

This was one of those trips that makes you think the grading system really should have an extra category so you can get a feel for how demanding the “EM” is really going to be. Of course you should be able to tell that from looking at a map (note to self…read map more closely … Read more