Ruataniwha reconnaissance

Plan A: lug rock climbing kit up the Hopkins to Dasler Biv enjoying spectacular views of Mt Ward along the way. Camp in an alpine basin above the biv and climb the Dasler Pinnacles: a spectacular set of grey pointy things at 2315m. Plan abandoned due to a lack of interest in the frostbite thought … Read more

Travers-Sabine Circuit

Just in case I have written a boring trip report and you don’t get to the end, let me put one of the concluding points at the beginning: this was Dmitry’s first time to lead a trip – and he’s a great trip leader! I admit that my opinion may have been influenced by the … Read more

White cap warriors

Day one we all gathered at the shed, five of the team had spent the night on the shed floor, and five more made their way from Nelson early on the Thursday morning. The teams for the trip: Debbie & Elizabeth (Bob) – known as Anzac II Brendan & Katy – known as Anzac I … Read more

Letham conservation area – North Raglan Range

We piled into the Van for the 6.15pm sailing on the Thursday night, settling quickly and introducing ourselves to those we had not met before (amongst the 9 trampers, that meant for me, every one). The original plan for the trip was to have a look around the Mt Owen area (and summit), but the … Read more

Sunrise Hut

First decision to be made was should we go SH1 or SH2?? Which will have less traffic and be the quickest? Majority said go SH2 so we did, although our first driver was a bit unsure as we got to some heavy traffic with a “Delay accident ahead” sign. But it all cleared very fast! … Read more