Hawkins Hill Day Walk

The walk started up the track near the intersection of Landfill Road and Happy Valley Road. Still evident were the effects of the scrub fire which occurred in late February this year. Blackened scrub covering higher regions of the hill contrasted with the lush green below the main track which must have acted as a … Read more

The Editor’s Picnic

A two day retreat away from city life is always good for breaking the stress (or boredom) of a working week and so Ed Newsletter and I decided that, in spite of a MetService severe weather warning for the North Island mountains, we would head into the local hills. A wander over the Orongorongos to … Read more

“Old Codgers Trip”, Tutuwai – Mt Reeves

When I put this trip on the schedule it was intended partly as a joke at my own expense, partly as an attempt to lure some of the people I went tramping with 20 or 25 years ago out into the hills again, and partly as a theme trip with old-style clothes and gear. My … Read more

Kiriwhakapapa Nav

We made a 7:30 am Saturday departure from the Railway station, with a couple of guest punters, Gareth and Steve coming along to do the van driving and their own gourmet tramp. After passing through the Wairarapa towns without kebab or coffee stops, we were at the road end and ready to tramp at 9:15am. … Read more

The Most Epic Family Trip Ever (So Far!) to Kapakapanui

The weekend following the most fierce storm to hit Wellington since the Wahine Storm, proved an ideal time to take the kids for a winter tramp. Once Saturday morning sports were dispensed with, the car was loaded up with packs and the relatively short drive to Waikanae was in bright sunshine. We arrived at the … Read more