Membership – February 2015

New members This month we are glad to welcome several new members: Euan Mackenzie (Adult) Robyn Lutzenberger (Adult) Shane Clark and Wendy Payne (Household) Kimberly Mathis and Maya and Samantha Hatchwell (becoming a Household with Charles Hatchwell) Jude Davies and Lucy and Gwen Davies (becoming a Household with Tim Dunning) Lucas White (joining Mark and … Read more

Odds and Ends – February 2015

Photo competitions Not only is the club’s photo competition currently seeking entries (due next week by 11 March), but the International Banff Mountain Film Festival is currently accepting photos to the 2015 Signature Image Competition. Wilderness Magazine Seeking Articles Wilderness Magazine is regularly seeking trip reports and in particular North Island trips and will pay for … Read more

Patuna Chasm

On a grey Wellington Saturday, we jumped in our cars and headed through the Rimutakas to Patuna Chasm. We were all excited about the walk, some because it had been on their to-do list for quite some time, and others (like myself) were just keen to get wet! The first part of the walk took … Read more

U Pass – New Year’s Adventures

More photos from Tony (includes photos from two other Darran’s trips) and Megan. After hunkering down at Homer Hut waiting for a break in the weather we finally got a window of a couple of days and decided to head out to Mistake Creek and over the famed U pass to Hut Creek, with an opportunity … Read more

Mid-Waiohine in a Mid-summer’s Frost

It had been a beautiful week of weather. Of course the forecast for this, the following week is also primo! However, in-between, we would be tramping in horizontal rain with a southerly bringing a wind chill and a not-so-balmy minus 5 degrees. Most of us had what we needed and other put a little more … Read more

Upper Whirinaki Hut Whirinaki FP – River Road

My hopes of Wellington being the sort of city that can be escaped in matter of minutes in favour of the great outdoors were dashed as we discovered the state highway choc-a-bloc with others making the same assumption. Spirits stayed high though for the long drive north. Our initial delays meant we couldn’t get as … Read more

A Bonnie Wee Walk Abune Matthew’s Brae

What you need to ken… There was a Scotsman, an English Lass and a Kiwi – probably the only time in history that a Burn’s supper celebration has had such a composition! For those of you who are not familiar with the traditions of Burn’s celebrations, I’ll give you a rundown. The 25th January is … Read more