Membership – March 2015

New members This month we welcome the following new members: Lisa Tong Bernie Dixon Brian Rowe’s family: Catherine, Anton, Charlotte, Erika and Damon Rowe Nigel Case’s family: Sally Giles, and Maisie & Louis Case. Membership renewals Thank you again to everyone who has paid their subs and renewed their membership for 2015! I am still … Read more

Haukura Ridge navigation

On a Friday night in May 2006, a band of hardy WTMC M trampers ventured into Northern Tararuas. Three days later they emerged – scratched and broken by leatherwood, attempts at compass navigation in the dark and arguments about oversized watches. Their Haukura Ridge trip was to gain enduring life as a case study in our … Read more

Fenella Hut on Anniversary Weekend

Friday night, waiting for the Ferry to load, there was a palpable sense of excitement for the upcoming adventure in the Kahurangi National Park. Would we see the reclusive South Island Kokako? Could Mike survive the trip with only six cans of V? And what exactly was going on in the back of the van … Read more

If we can’t climb to Kime, why not YTYY

With rumours of Cyclone Pam encircling us, our determined band of ten trampers headed in to Otaki Forks, hopeful of some time on the tops. On arrival, our erstwhile leader Anna had to make a decision and with some reluctance, relinquished hopes of glory and great views in the face of uncertain weather and the … Read more

Too Cloudy Peak

This trip appeared on the schedule and immediately got my interest, partly because as chief guide I didn’t put it there and partly because I hadn’t heard of the place. Mike explained that cloudy peak (well actually not all of this, consider it a narrative thing) is a rock climbers paradise in the middle of the … Read more

Tussock bagging down south

For more photos and the entirety of Sharron’s nearly 4000 word expression of love for Tussock can be found on her blog. Years of tramping, camping and running have given me a deep appreciation for tussocks. Given this minor tussock obsession coupled with my fondness for hills it’s perhaps not surprising that one of my … Read more